Shamanic Healing

We all experience illness, imbalance, trauma, or other difficulties at some point in our lives. Working with a professional shamanic practitioner allows us to explore new paths for understanding and addressing these challenges. Shamanic healing offers us an opportunity to look at healing and illness from a new perspective, one that may be quite different from conventional, culturally conditioned models.

Shamanic practitioners work with helping spirits to facilitate healing for their clients.The shamanic model of health and healing asserts that illness originates in the spiritual dimensions before it manifests as physical symptoms. Shamanic healing is an ancient way of working with that originating spiritual malady to facilitate the healing and well-being of individuals, as well as the sustainability of the community at large. Professional shamanic practitioners are able to tend to these originating symptoms by working with the unseen world in non-ordinary reality. When the shamanic practitioner tends to the spiritual wound in non-ordinary reality, she is initiating healing, not only in spiritual realm, but on the gross physical dimension as well.

Soul Retrieval – Shutting down emotionally is a common experience, and one that can be helpful to survive difficult, traumatic or stressful experiences. However, if we continue to remain shut down, numb, or stuck in trauma, essential aspects of ourselves may be sacrificed. Often, imbalances occur when we cannot integrate the painful experience and return to wholeness. Shamans define this fragmentation as “soul loss” or “power loss.” If left untreated, we may remain in a state of arrested development, limiting our growth and ultimately compromising our well-being.

Symptoms of soul loss may include:
• Feeling dissociated from the present moment, fragmented, scattered or ungrounded
• Chronic depression
• Suicidal tendencies
• Exhibiting signs of post traumatic stress (startle response, insomnia)
• TMJ problems
• Chronic immune deficiencies
• Persistent grief or grief that won’t heal
• Addictions
• Fibromyalgia pain
• Coma
• Feeling like one hasn’t felt the same since a specific event

The treatment for soul loss is soul retrieval. With the assistance of helping spirits, the practitioner undertakes a shamanic journey and retrieves the fractured and missing soul part(s) which are residing outside of ordinary reality. The practitioner then returns to ordinary reality with the soul part for the client and gently initiates the process of integration and healing.

In 2012 Kaiser Permanente studied soul retrieval as a means for alleviating chronic temporomandibular joint pain. Overall the sample felt less pain and were higher functioning due to the intervention.

Foreign Energy Extraction – Soul loss and disempowerment often create a vulnerability that allows intrusive thought-forms and energetic enmeshment to attach to an individual. These unwelcome energies may be generated by ourselves, others, or from the collective unconscious. While they are typically not malevolent, intrusions are opportunistic in their very nature, which is why they seek to fill the opening produced by a soul loss.

Symptoms of Intrusions may include:
• Localized pain
• Localized disease or illness
• Prolonged state of rage or depression

The treatment for energetic intrusion is extraction. The practitioner will merge with her helping spirits who guide her in identifying where the intrusion exists in the energetic and physical body(s). In this merged state the shamanic practitioner will remove the intrusions and offer the foreign energy to the divine in a process of transmutation. When the intrusion is removed, the client feels open and spacious. The shamanic practitioner may then lead the client through a visualization on how to fill up with her own light and provide guidance for avoiding energetic enmeshment and transmuting foreign energy in the future.

Cord Cutting – Cords are energetic connections between two beings. Oftentimes, we are unconscious of cords that exist between ourselves and another person. Unconscious cords divert energy from our life force and can leave us feeling drained. When your energy becomes enmeshed with others, you can lose perspective, become overly concerned with what others think about you, or modify your behavior in ways that compromise your mental and spiritual well-being, as well as your physical health. Sometimes, people unconsciously hang on to old cords because they are trying to meet an unconscious need they have. In professional cord-cutting, the practitioner locates the physical or energetic space (chakra) where the cord is connected, and severs the cord with the assistance of their helping spirits. Once the cord(s) is severed, the life force belonging to each party is returned to them, so that they can become autonomous and empowered by their own energy.

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