Transformational Healing Training

Join Rose for a unique training experience designed to offer healing tools for yourself and others. The training includes explorations into the chakras, meridians, reflexology, lightgrids, shamanic practices, gentle massage techniques, and emotional release. Participants will learn to facilitate a healing energy bodywork routine that integrates these modalities.

Rose will share from her 25 plus years of practicing healing. She will assist you in exploring how to connect with the wisdom of the body, the generosity of the earth and mystery of Spirit to intuitively navigate through a healing session that reboots, rebalances and rejuvenates a client, or loved one. Learn empowering tools that result in a greater connection to your True Self, to your Purpose and to Spirit while assisting others to do the same.

The training is for those interested in:
*Clearing and balancing the subtle energy of the body *Assisting others shed patterns that are no longer useful *Deeply trusting the wisdom of the body and intuition *Living more with presence and an intimate connection to the earth *Being a clear channel for healing life force *Having greater fluency in the language of the body and Spirit *Assisting others to access their highest potential

Empower yourself to assist others as you learn to connect deeper: to Spirit, your True Self, your Body and the Earth. Explore a synthesis of practices and modalities to better understand and tap into the miraculous wisdom of the Body.

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“I have been to many healers and bodyworkers. Rose is by far the most exceptional and gifted. She is definitely the healer to the healers.” RoseMarie Rubinetti Capiello