Healing Relationships with our own Children

Hello again....I have been thinking about what to recommend to you in the way of books or simple personal philosophy. My first and foremost philosophy is to ask myself " Am I acting from a place of love or fear." If it's from a place of fear, I then ask myself " What would love do or say?" When we act from a place of fear, control, authority...we can know that we are acting from the place of ego and not allowing space for trust and love. Our children are here for us to GUIDE along their soul's path and it is not for us to get in their way. They have also come to us to teach us. To help us deepen our soul's learning and to step more completely into what we have come to this Earth to do. When I feel frustrated with my children I ask myself "How are they reflecting me and how  am I treating myself?" I will then immediately treat myself the way that I would like my child to treat me....for they are just reflecting my relationship that I have with myself. Our children are here for us to love, to guide and to lovingly create boundaries. Connecting with the natural rhythms of being human and honoring our feelings/emotions is of utmost importance to a healthy mind, body and connection to Spirit. 🌸

Honoring the feminine in all beings...bringing the masculine and the feminine into union

Invoking the path of the warrior of truly being human, we all must embrace and accept the all of us.  We must be active, we must be passive. We must acknowledge the light and the dark. We must accept the loving side of us and accept the wretched side of us. All aspects of being human serve purpose. All must be embraced to live a fully vibrant, healthy life. 

We must allow energy, emotions and stress to move through our bodies. If we yield to them and allow them to come forth much like when birthing a baby, the easier it will be to release, yet stay present in the process of giving birth to Ourselves.  The Authentic Self, the Self that came to this earth to serve purpose. The Self that wishes to be expressed no matter what we or others might think or judge. No one else has come to this planet to do the work that we as individuals are here to do. If we listen to Ourself, that Higher Self, the part that has no ego, and sees the whole picture, we will witness Ourself as a Being of vibrational frequencies creating beautiful constellations in the heavens and upon the Earth.  If we allow Ourself to genuinely accept our wholeness and allow Ourself to delight in the beauty that we are, our bodies and our planet will heal.  

To trust in basic goodness; the breath flows in, the breath flows out, the sunrises, the sunsets.  The apparent darkness "is what it is", nothing good or bad. The apparent light "is what it is", nothing good or bad.  The body is so wise, ancient and connected to all.  It will always move towards a place of equanimity, a place that is inherently peaceful, centered and joyous. When we allow the body to be the master and the mind to be its servant, we can give birth to Ourself, gracefully and courageously. When we acknowledge the ego, giving thanks to it and the purpose it serves, while being guided by our hearts and softening into our bodies we can be certain that we are on the right road to living our life's purpose.

It is time to live  life each and every moment, awake and present, acting from a place of love. It is time to acknowledge the feminine and to honor the feminine; the yielding, the receptivity, the intuitive knowing, the emotions, the darkness, the unseen. It is time to trust the feminine. It knows beyond any explanation. It is real. It is right on. It is time to celebrate it in each and everyone of us!

With love...