Healing Stories

“I am releasing, opening and healing my mind and body. Practicing Energy Medicine Yoga and in private sessions with Rose has given me the tools to move and open stagnant energy channels throughout my body and mind. This in turn has released negative holdings and allowed me the understanding and acceptance of who I am. I thank you Rose!” D.B.

“I've been seeing Rose for close to 2 years. After every session I walk away feeling taking care of, energized, and an overall sense of well-being. I first came to Rose for body works. Her hands have the healing power. As a survivor of trauma, my sessions with Rose became part of my journey of physical and emotional healing. Rose also taught me many healing exercises Including a T.R.E., a technique that I'm able to use in the comfort of my own home to release stress and tension. Additionally, Rose offers a listening ear and inspirational insight. Rose has a vast knowledge of many healing modalities and is eager to spread her light. Rose also does therapeutic oil massage and they are out of this world amazing. It makes you feel refreshed and alive.” S.W.

"I felt so calm after the T.R.E.® session this evening.. kind of happy, and at peace ..it’s great."   -M.L.

"T.R.E.® with Rose was an amazing and healing experience! Highly recommend."  - Z.F.

"Working with Rose has not only been a blessing but a beautiful healing experience. She has incredible nurturing mother earth energy and has used many tools to help ground, clear and release stuck energy in my body. I have worked with Rose for several months through my grieving process and she has been pivitol in guiding me as I healed my heart and soul. She provides a safe and loving environment for your process to unfold. She also has beautiful Guided Meditations that I've used to ground and feel more connected to my soul and mother earth."  - Rita G.

"Having a healing session with Rose Fitzgerald is a magical experience. It is part massage, bodywork, energy healing, trance and spiritual communion. In her loving presence and being, I feel I can completely let go, I am completely safe. I walk out renewed, filled, balance, whole and clear. Her work is essential for me to be grounded and clear in my body, mind and spirit. Rose is trained in multiple healing modalities and disciplines, but what she brings in her own healing presence and being is most important and powerful. She stays completely out of the way and allows spirit to move through her bringing exactly what I need in that moment. I have been to many healers and body workers. Rose is by far the most exceptional and gifted. She is definitely the healer to the healers."   - RoseMarie Rubinetti Capiello

"Since my early teen years, I have been working to manage my feelings of anxiety, fear and depression. Many times along my journey I found myself stuck with no hope or place to turn. After hearing about Rose Fitzgerald's background and incredible work as a healer, I decided to schedule a session. After my very first session with Rose I immediately released blocks in my body, gained relief from physical pain, and found a sense of self esteem I had hid for so long. Rose's presence, healing hands and gentle voice led me away from doubt and gave me the clarity to see my own light! Through body work sessions and listening to her Recorded Meditations Rose truely helped me to find sense of self that I never dreamed possible. Rose is truly unlike any other natural healer I have ever met before. It is my hope the men and women of all ages will have the opportunity to experience  the light and love that Rose has to offer in order to heal, empower and shine! Thank you Rose for sharing your gifts and bringing sunshine to my life. "   -Kimberly J Sat Nam

"Rose is a gifted teacher, healer, guide and mentor. Through Guided Meditations and Shamanic journeys, Rose offers her radiant energy as a gift for transformation. Rose has inspired me to grow and nurture my heart and spirit. It is an honor and blessing to know and work with Rose".   - Alane O.

"My personal healing body work with Rose was a rich exploration into the wisdom of body mind spirit integration.Beyond just body work! Rose is a grounded loving healer with great intuition. Her work is powerfully creative, wise, channeled and kind!Most of our sessions left me feeling aware of a greater vibrational SELF. Some left me feeling I have some things to work through quickly. Always left feeling supported by a field of love from within, Spirit and Rose".  - Evelyn L.

"Working with Rose has been an amazing experience. In the past decade, she has been a tranquil pool and a strong breeze for my spirit. She follows her intuition deeply to help guide  in the journey, or release, that my soul is seeking and I am always the better for it. Following sessions with her I have more insight, less physical (and sometimes emotional) pain, and go back into my life with balance and ease, feeling replenished. Rose brings a loving kindness into everything she does, being in her presence is a gift I treasure."  -Tara D.